Photo opportunities ...

Well here goes; my first blog post!

Over the Easter long weekend I was encouraged by a good friend to 'get out there' a bit more on social media and explain some of my images which have been published recently, and how they came about. 

As a photographer you never know what lies ahead. Last week I was working away on my computer doing some retouching when I took a call from one of the Tiser's (Advertiser) pic-editors, whom enquired if I could do a 3pm editorial job for the paper. I replied "Sure, is it for tomorrow's edition? The pictorial editor replied "Yes,I'm not sure completely on the details yet, but it is a couple of Crows and Power players making a stand against racism and they need to be in their kits..." Two hours later I meet Rucci (Chief Footy Writer for the 'Tiser) on 'The Hill' at Adelaide Oval and the job became clearer; unbeknownst to us almost all of the players from both teams turned up in solidarity with their respective Coaches and CEOs! It was a unique moment in AFL history and a privilege to document.